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Co-hosted with UNISA Computer Science

About The Hackathon

The Geekulcha Annual Hackathon is a premier hackathon in the African continent challenging developers, digital practitioners, data enthusiasts, economic policymakers, and others to create solutions that help Africa to define and live up to the next African Digital Narrative. Since its inception in 2014 where it sought to make life easy through technology, the hackathon has congregated developers from different parts of Africa to showcase and put their skills to real use.

In 2023, The hackathon will continue to champion social relevancy, public service, business solutions, and inclusive solutions for the needs of the masses. Admission to the hackathon will require prospective participants to provide cans of food, old clothes, sanitary towels, or books that will be donated to the needy.

Participants will be mentored and guided by experts from the industry, public sector, academia and community-based organizations’ practitioners. A match-making process will be conducted for individual applications of the hackathon.

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